Virtual Health Coaching

Virtual Health Coaching

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Our Corporate Health Unlimited Health Coaches support employees on a transformative journey towards greater health and wellbeing. Our team of certified Wellness Coaches, Registered Dietitians, Personal Trainers, Fitness Professionals and Weight Management Specialists are there to help participants make positive, sustainable behavior change that will set them up for lasting health and wellbeing. Our coaches are experienced in addressing the physical, environmental, and emotional factors in employee's lives and are available via one-on-one telephonic coaching sessions.

Our coaches follow a 3 step process to ensure optimal results:

Discovery. In our first step, our health coaches learn about the participant's current health status and start to build a professional relationship. Our coaches will personalize the process by focusing on certain topics that are most important to the participant.

Vision. Next, the participant will share their specific wellbeing goals and our coaches will share practical strategies and solutions for making attainable, measurable progress.

Results. Our goal is to serve as an expert resource to each participant by providing recommendations on improving their wellbeing. Ultimately, we help participants take ownership of their changing habits, celebrate success, and make adjustments as needed.

4 Week Program (includes 2 sessions)

  • (2) 45-minute sessions = $175

8 Week Program (includes 4 sessions)

  • (4) 45-minute sessions = $250

12 Week Program (includes 6 sessions)

  • (6) 45-minute sessions = $300